Top Tips for an Effective Logo

If you want customers to find your business, you need a strong logo that reflects your unique brand identity, message and audience. Here’s how to create a logo that attracts attention. 

1. Do your research

Before engaging a graphic designer, make sure you’ve done plenty of market research and developed a strong brand identity. “Figure out who is your target audience and who are your competitors,” says brand builder Lucy Glade-Wright from Hunting for George*. You need to know your brand’s story inside out – where you’ve come from, what you stand for and what feelings do you invoke. “The story behind the brand needs to be just as strong as the design and logo of that brand,” Glade-Wright says. “It gives you a point of difference from your competitors and is the starting point for creating a logo that reflects your business.”

2. Simple is superior

The more complex the logo, the quicker your audience will lose interest. “The smartest logos are simple and not complicated – they’re the ones that you remember,” Glade-Wright explains. The best logos have a recognisable trademark, such as McDonald’s ‘M’ or the Nike tick.

3. Choose colour wisely 

Never underestimate the power of colour. “Colours are really important – people have a lot of emotional ties with certain colours,” Glade-Wright explains. “Choosing colours depends on your audience.” So if you’re wanting to promote your environmental awareness, you might go for earthy colours, but if you were promoting a car brand, you might choose strong colours, such as blue, black or red. 

4. Back up your logo

A logo on its own is nothing without strong brand content, market awareness and imagery. Evocom’s signage experts can advise the best type of signs for your business to ensure you stand out on the street or in a shopping mall.  

“You want to attract new customers so you need to demonstrate a point of difference to your competitors,” Glade-Wright says. 

5. Make it clear 

When constructing signage for your business, legibility is key, according to Glade-Wright. “The best signs are strong and stand out,” she explains. That’s something Evocom’s client Shell knows well – we’ve just finished installing a series of 12m pylon signs for their freeway roadhouses so that motorists know exactly where to find them.

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