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Anti-Jump counter

The Evocom AntiJump Counter Protection System acts as a proven deterrent and a functioning security feature that allows the attendant to step back from a potential assault, activate an alarm or move to a safe haven.
The system was developed in 1992 and has since been proving its efficient in hundreds of people facing environments across Australia and New Zealand.

ePCU LED Price Displays

Visualise your identity… Are you looking for the perfect LED Price Displays for your price sign, without compromising your unique brand identity? The I-Catcher LED Price Displays or EOS LED Price Displays, make sure the pricing of your products is displayed clearly and complements your corporate branding perfectly. Do you sometimes worry if the price monoliths on your petrol forecourt show the correct fuel prices? No need to worry any more thanks to EOS Technology.

LED Perimeter lighting (Ambiente)

Bever Innovations designed an LED Area luminaire that combines the perfect light levels with big energy savings. Luci Series Ambiente is a LED fixture from the awarded Luci Series family, designed with a special focus on the area around your petrol station. When you choose the EOS LED Area Illumination, you can optimise your forecourt with EOS Manager or EOS Connected. Sensors will collect data which you can analyse and with which you can increase customer satisfaction.

LED Canopy lights (EOS)

A forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; providing a visually welcoming environment to customers that is approachable and gives a sense of safety. Without compromising on visibility there is also a possibility of saving energy and costs. Bever Innovations has a specially designed intelligent EOS LED Under Canopy Illumination solution (the Luci Series) that adapts to the conditions of your petrol station. Do you pick regular white light or are you taking a step up with our RGB fixtures?

Shop LED lighting

Luci Series LED Shop Illumination is the most energy efficient way of lighting your shop. The different elegant LED spots create a visually welcoming atmosphere which attracts customers and puts them at ease. Because of the variety of designs, there is always a LED spot that fits your shop perfectly. The intensity of the LED spots is variable, meaning the comfort factor of the luminaire can be different for each shelf.

InMo Large Graphic Screens

The I-Catcher InMo is a dynamic LED screen, which is easily built in to the totem. It turns the screen into an information post and marketing tool, all in one. The LED screen can not only feature fuel prices but also easily highlight discounts and marketing promotions. Both textually and visually. Professional, striking and dynamic, with a suitable message for every occasion.

Contour LED Tube

Add stunning visual appeal and increase awareness to your canopy with this popular LED-based rigid tubing system: our LED Contour Illumination. These complete assembled and sealed tubes are ready for installation, right out of the box. The illumination is available in multiple colours and always fits your corporate identity seamlessly.

As a manufacturer of intelligent outdoor LED solutions with a 100% focus on the petrol retail market, Bever Innovations is the market leader in intelligent LED lighting products for petrol stations

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