How To Make Your Sign Stand Out

A good sign can make or break your business – it’s the difference between a customer finding you and making a purchase or walking past and buying from your competitor. Follow these tips to guarantee your sign is the best on the block.

1. Be dramatic

There is no point in being understated or trying to fit in – your sign needs to make a statement. Whether you make your sign huge or you construct a three-dimensional graphic, you need to capture the attention of passers-by. Talk to Evocom about using special effects to make your business’ signs bolder than your competitors.


2. Be bright

You only need to look at Times Square in New York to see that bright, bold pops of colour deliver maximum exposure. People often think neutral colours look professional but signs can be overlooked or ignored next to the bright signs next to them.


3. Perfect is not always better

It may seem strange, but when the eye catches something that isn’t quite right, we’re drawn to it. The infamous letters of the Hollywood sign are a perfect example – they’re actually uneven, which adds to their charm and makes them more memorable.


4. Let there be light

The best signs are well-lit so customers can find you rain, hail or shine. Evocom specialise in LED and under-canopy lighting to help customers find you and also make your business bright and welcoming.


5. Positioning is key

There’s no point in having a sign hidden behind a tree or building – before installing your new signage, consider height, size and legibility to ensure your customers can find you. Evocom can help you calculate the ideal dimensions to make your sign perfectly positioned.

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