Antijump Counter Security System

Part of Evocom Australia’s offering to the Australian and New Zealand market includes a counter security system.
Currently used by multiple fuel retailers, finance intuitions, and various other companies where employee safety is a priority, the proprietary system deters potential intruders from attempting to climb over the counter and harm the staff or steal product.

Evocom Australia liaise with builders, shopfitters and architects as the site requires to determine the best location for our posts and wirelines to provide not only the security required, but also to minimise the impact on attendant – customer interaction. By understanding the point of sale requirements of our clients, Evocom can assess a site, manufacture the system in house, and install using our network of experienced and accredited installers.

Installation can be carried out at the same time as other works, or even during trade with a minimum of disruption to staff and customers.

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