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What We Do



Do you need to overhaul your signage to boost your brand? Speak to Evocom about:

> Project management: Every job is assigned a project manager who oversees the design, budget, production and installation.

> Prototyping: Clients who require an out-of-the-box signage solution can utilise our design and prototyping service to create a one-off sign to suit your specific need.

> Site-specific surveys: We assess every site and make a branding plan, while ensuring all signage adheres to safety, government and commercial guidelines.

> Design integration: Our graphic designers create mock-ups and computer images to give you an accurate idea of how your signs are going to look.

> Approvals/permits: Our project managers can take care of all permits and approvals to ensure our signs are installed without hiccups.

> Engineering:Our engineers will test the environmental conditions to ensure maximum sign safety, and ensure your signage is suited to its specific location.

> Manufacture: Our in-house manufacturers produce custom-designed signs and low to medium runs, while our international partners take care of mass production for large corporate re-branding projects.

> Antijump counter protection: Service stations, convenience stores and other retailers call on Evocom to install this security product to protect store attendants. It's a subtle horizontal wire barrier that enables staff to interact with customers, but deters robbery.

> Warehousing: We have mass storage space to enable us to stock signs for clients undertaking multiple store rollouts. 

> Logistics: No matter where you are located in Australia or New Zealand, we handle all the shipping and transporting of signage from our warehouse to your site.

> Maintenance: Once we've installed your sign, we can maintain it to increase its lifespan and keep your brand looking brilliant.

> Asset management: We manage your inventory in our warehouse, providing records of what signs have been sent where and all of the costings.

> Quality Assurance completion reports: We can do quality assurance completion reports for all your signage projects.

> Online image portfolio. Our photographer can take high-res images of your business to be stored online so you can login for easy access.

> LED lighting supplying: We design and manufacture the latest LED lighting for clients who want their business to look bright.

> LED price displays: We have supplied and installed the latest European LED price display systems for petroleum clients, such as Shell, Caltex, Mobil and United.




Our health, safety and environment systems meet the most stringent standards demanded by the petroleum industry.

As a result, our clients can relax knowing we'll manufacture, install and maintain your signage in a safe and effective way.

We are fully accredited to the Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) and currently hold an "A" rating with ISNetworld.